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Hello my name is Danny Trevino.

Here at Hydroworld, we are dedicated to you and all your different medical marijuana  needs.

We've been around for over 8 years and we've assisted several thousand patients and growers in getting legal to grow or posses medical marijuana. If you are interested in any medical marijuana services Hydroworld is an excellent and trusted medical marijuana service center. If you have any questions or concerns please inbox me on my personal Facebook and i will be happy to assist you

our key services include:

Helping patients and growers obtain there Michigan medical marijuana card

  • Plants: Helping patients and growers (caregivers) obtain plants to start. 
  • $20 each or 6 for a $100.00
  • Medication: Helping qualified patients and growers obtain medical marijuana. 
  • $10 per gram and $150 to $185 per oz
  • Helping growers obtain as many medical marijuana cards as they need 
  • $85 per patient and $60 to the state for each patient and a $25 dollar back round check to the state for the caregiver

Helping patients find a Caregiver who will pay for there medical marijuana card!!!  

Patients can come in or call to see if a qualified caregiver is available to to pick them up as a patient. The patient is to agree to remain the paying caregivers patient for at least 1 year. The medical marijuana cards are good for 2 years once approved by the state.



  • Legally posses medical marijuana but you must keep it locked in a locked container and in the truck of your car when transporting the medical marijuana in a vehicle and if in a van or suv then one must keep the medical marijuana in a locked container and have the locked container at the farthest point away from you.
  • Legally posses and grow medical marijuana plants in a locked facility making sure to keep other caregivers plants in different separate locked area. 
  • Medical marijuana has many pain relieving properties and has a well known reputation for helping people eat if a patient is diagnosed with an illness that commonly reduces appetite.
  • Medical marijuana has a well known reputation for helping people with seizures and in many cases has reduced the amount of seizures.
  • Medical marijuana has a well known reputation to help M.S patients and many M.S patients have reported that medical marijuana has immediately helped M.S patients by reducing the symptoms felt by the patients
  • Migraines (Head aches) are greatly reduced in many cases by medical marijuana patients 
  • Shop at many medical marijuana service centers around the state depending on the city.